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Grilled Thighs with Glazer Beam

Grilled Thighs with Glazer Beam

Paula: The most common question I get at food events and book signings? (Aside from, “Is that your car in the No Parking zone?” And, “How can you possibly remain so youthful?”) Time and again I hear, “What’s your favorite meat to grill?” The answer is always chicken thighs, but I’m here to tell you why they’re also perfect for backyard parties as well.

Scott: I would like to take a brief pause for science, if you please. Anatomically, the chicken thigh is harvested from the top portion of the leg just above the knee joint. Just below said knee joint, you will find the delicious (and fun!) drumstick. Okay, carry on.

Paula: Thanks science guy. Feel free to swap drumsticks for thighs in this recipe, they’re both dark meat and hence, very forgiving on the grill.

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