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Grouper with Blistered Tomatoes & Fresh Herbs

Grouper with Blistered Tomatoes & Fresh Herbs

Paula: I am totally into one-skillet dinners on the grill these days. Whether it’s chops, steaks, or something that catches my eye at the fish counter, there’s something delightful about searing you protein in a preheated skillet, adding a mess of seasonal vegetables, finishing with fresh herbs and an acid like citrus juice or vinegar, and then serving the meal straight from the sizzling pan. Also: I love the firm texture and rich flavor of Gulf Coast Grouper.

Scott: Cooking in a cast iron pan over live fire is one of my favorite things. I love the char and the smoke you can achieve with this method - plus it won’t stink up your kitchen. As a pro tip, test to make sure your cast iron pan will fit on the grill with the lid closed so you can capture some of that yummy smoke flavor.

Paula: Good point; sometimes I need to wrangle the paella pan or skillet with my tongs to close the lid. I can attest that a 15-inch paella pan fits comfortably in a closed PK360.

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