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Hot Dogs with Cornichon Relish

Hot Dogs with Cornichon Relish

Paula: Needing little more than a quick spin over the heat (and your favorite condiments close at hand), hot dogs are simple enough to cook off whenever a yearning strikes. But, I typically think of firing up franks after I’ve done a longer cook, say, smoking a butt or brisket, and I’m left with a medium-low to low fire beckoning to be taken advantage of. With a nice pile of glowing embers, franks don’t need more than a couple spins, literally, to crisp up the exterior.

Scott: This is the perfect recipe for this month. Spring is springing. People are awakening from the long winter’s quarantine, and maybe they just want to shake the dust off their grilling utensils (click twice!) and need a simple dish to awaken those outdoor cooking muscles and get the grill back in service. Why am I even making this case - who doesn’t love a tasty dog anytime of year?

Paula: Physician, heal thy self; get your hot dog game rolling!

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