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Super Huli Huli Chicken

Super Huli Huli Chicken

Scott: I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but Sambal Oelek was my favorite Star Wars character. I was into the less mainstream, more edgy performances. Just kidding, Sambal Oelek is a flavorful Indonesian chili sauce, right? [slowly closes laptop]

Paula: You got me...I was about to Google the action figure, fearing it was an omission to my massive, invaluable collection of Star Wars memorabilia [releases proud Wookie howl]. Yes, Sambal Oelek is a staple condiment for me. I actually prefer it to Sriracha, because it has a brighter, spunkier heat and more interesting texture. It’s brilliant in this sweet and spicy sauce recipe that hails from the Galaxy Huli Huli.

Scott: May the Force be with you.

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categories : Recipes

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