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Nacho-Mama’s Charred Corn Nachos (For Dad)

Nacho-Mama’s Charred Corn Nachos (For Dad)

Paula: If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this life, it’s this simple, undeniable truth: Nachos make people happy. Really happy! That’s why this year, I’m forgoing the more predictable Father’s Day gifts of fishing lures, duck call novelties, expensive Pinot or whimsical socks and giving my dad the greatest gift of all: Nachos.

Scott: That made me cry a little. You are the daughter the world needs now.

Paula: This recipe’s fresh and hearty combination of grilled spiced sweet corn (perked up with fresh lime juice and cilantro) black beans, and the sharp flavor of aged Cotija cheese is more satisfying than the standard chips-and-liquid cheese variety. By the time you’ve prepped the vegetables, you’re ready to place the baking sheet directly on the grate, and close the grill until the cheese melts, no oven required! Then, it’s time to pull a lawn chair next to dad, hand him a cold beverage in a jokester koozie, and pass your favorite barbecue sauce or salsa.

Scott: Hank Thoreau famously said that most men lead lives of quiet desperation, but I am convinced that he was never surprised by his family with a plate of sweet corn nachos, a cold beer, and a handwritten card.

Paula: (dabs eyes, clears throat, nods in agreement)

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