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Skillet Scallops with Sage and Capers

Skillet Scallops with Sage and Capers

Paula: I’m not sure what makes me crave this dish more, spying fresh, plump sea scallops in the seafood case or velvety leaves of sage in the garden. Regardless, I’ve been making this simple, satisfying recipe (adapted from The River Cafe in London) for ages. Scallops, sage, and capers might seem like unusual allies, but the flavors (sweet, herbaceous, briny) come together beautifully with a quick sizzle in a cast iron skillet and finish of freshly squeezed lemon juice and butter.

Scott: I can’t get enough of these sweet scallops. Seared crunchy on both sides, but so rich and creamy in the middle. They are like the Oreo cookies of the sea.

Paula: For years I cooked this recipe on the stove, but I’ve learned it’s even more delicious when cooked in a skillet over a charcoal fire. Because this dish comes together so quickly, it’s a tasty, time-efficient first course to serve before you fire up, say, a strip steak for dinner. 

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