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Smoked Salmon with Fish Monger

Smoked Salmon with Fish Monger

Paula: Like most of us, I’m all about thrifty and time efficient shopping these days. In an effort to limit trips to the store, I’m trying to “cook ahead” for the days ahead. Why grill four chicken thighs when you can cook 12, for example, and have the following day’s Taco Night taken care of?

Scott: And tacos with all their inherent variety are such a good format for repurposing leftovers whether it’s last night’s chicken thighs or a picked-over pork shoulder.

Paula: Along those lines, I rarely buy individual portions of salmon. It’s much more satisfying to grill-smoke an entire side, which results in a show-stealing lunch or brunch centerpiece (especially served with new potatoes and a big salad). As a bonus, the tasty leftovers provide plenty of inspiration for the days that follow.

Scott: Smoked salmon dip is an absolute summer staple. Everyone loves it when you show up to a dinner party with salmon dip, or just stay home and enjoy it with a glass of wine and a Netflix movie, as it were.

Paula: At our place, smoked salmon topped bagels, found its way into scrambled eggs, and my favorite--a fantastic spread (combined with mayo, lemon zest and juice, scallions, your fresh herbs and a dash of hot sauce). Triscuits have never had it so good.

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