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Smoked Shoulder Bolognese

Smoked Shoulder Bolognese

Paula: Do you know the difference between ragu and Bolognese? There isn’t one! Technically they’re both defined as a full-bodied meat sauce, often enhanced with wine or cream. Bolognese sauce is named after the northern Italian region Bologna, where it’s a staple. I went with Bolognese for this recipe because, you know, alliteration. My point is: full-bodied meat sauce.

Scott: I love the idea of using a smoked shoulder (or butt) as the meat component of this robust sauce. The smoke acts like an extra ingredient to kick the flavor up a notch.

Paula: Totally. After the initial feast, we typically have a nice hunk of leftover pork. Which is not a problem of course, the meat finds its way into buttermilk biscuits, quesadillas, or and so forth. But, before you finish off yours in front of the fridge, consider this method. Served over a pile of noodles with plenty of grated Parmesan, the meaty sauce creates the kind of deeply satisfying comfort food that we all need right now. Most of the cooking time is unattended: I place the leftover shoulder (bone and all) in a wine-infused tomato sauce, then finish it in a low oven for a couple hours. Easy peasy, and as a bonus the house smells wildly delicious while it cooks. During the slow simmer, the pork melds into the sauce and the bone infuses the mixture with an incredible smoky depth. 

Scott: Delizioso! (Is that correct? I Googled it.)

Paula: Pienso que si, grazie!

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