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Smoky Ratatouille with Fish Monger

Smoky Ratatouille with Fish Monger

Paula: As the temperatures begin to climb in Texas, my thoughts turn to seasonal vegetables, and the best way to prepare them on the grill. Ratatouille, the fragrant vegetable dish that’s the pride of Provence (and yes, a Pixar film), always leaps to mind.

Scott: Imagine my surprise, as I was researching this comment, when I became aware that Ratatouille was a delicious meal of stewed vegetables, and not just Patton Oswalt’s best film.

Paula: I confess, since the film came out in 2007, it’s hard to separate an iconic bistro dish with an amiable rat with impressive knife skills. Regarding the meal: You can serve ratatouille warm or at room temperature with grilled meats or fish, or, my favorite, a picnic-style spread that includes goat cheese, crackly baguettes, and lentil salad.

Scott: I think we should have a serious discussion about kitchen and cooking filmography now, over a warm bowl of this smoky ratatouille. Ratatouille is certainly underrated in that respect. “Big Night,” anyone?


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