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Taco Tots with Chive Crema

Taco Tots with Chive Crema

Paula: I’m gonna share a little secret here. Serving hot, crispy Tater Tots at a party will make you the most popular person in town. Because secretly, everyone wants to chow down on tots.

Scott: True story. Tots bring people together. They are salty, crunchy - yet soft - and you eat them with your hands. I think of them as tiny, golden, comfort capsules.

Paula: So many burning questions: like why packaged tots are labeled as “Potato Puffs?” Did someone decide that the phrase Tots is politically incorrect? Did a crafty fast food franchise copyright the term? Or do all roads lead back to Napoleon Dynamite’s infamous “Gimme Your Tots?”

Scott: And what about the word Tater for that matter? Has woke culture finally overtaken our ability to give our food silly names? What have we become? How are we supposed to take it to the next level?

Paula: The secret to taking your tots to the next level is tossing them with a liberal dusting of F&S TACO Seasoning, and serving them with a side of Chive Crema for dipping. If you want to serve fancy tots and make your neighbors jealous you could add chopped fresh cilantro and lime wedges to the mix. 

Scott: Chow time.

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