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6 Burger Recipes to Sizzle Up Your Summer Cookout

6 Burger Recipes to Sizzle Up Your Summer Cookout

We just sailed past the summer solstice which means—BOOM—it’s peak summer and full-on burger season. Not that we need a reason, or perfect temperature, to hear patties sizzling on the grill. But, there’s no doubt that lazy summer evenings, post-swim appetites, holiday weekends, and yard darts set the stage for a fat, juicy burger (just add potato chips, watermelon, cold beer, and all your favorite toppings).

Then comes the tough choice of picking your patty, based on your guest list and current craving. Worry not, friend, we’ve got your burger bases covered.

1. Smashburgers

For starters, our hearts race for cheap and dirty griddled Smashburgers, seasoned with Burger Royale and topped with American cheese. (They go down easy; make plenty).

For obvious reasons, smashburgers need to be cooked on a flat surface, so you can flatten them with a large spatula. If your grill doesn’t have a griddle attachment, simply, cook the burgers on a large cast iron skillet over direct heat.

These thin patties cook quickly, so have the buns and toppings ready to go before they begin to sizzle.

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2. Sweet & Spicy Burgers

Sweet Preacher fans will adore Sweet & Spicy Bacon Burgers with sautéed onions and pickled banana peppers. Patties made from a mix of ground pork and bacon get a touch of sweetness from our #1 selling blend, made with molasses and brown sugar.

Starting the burgers directly over the coals creates a nicely browned exterior. Finishing the patties over indirect heat allows the bacon to render and the pork cook through at a gentler heat, resulting in a spectacularly juicy burger. Topped with a pile of sauteed hot peppers and onions, and served on a toasted bun slathered with mayo, this burger will steal the show at half time–or any night of the week.

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3. Bacon Cheeseburgers

Speaking of bacon, how about these Thundering Longhorn Bacon Cheeseburgers? Remember a few years ago, when a bunch of fancy chefs were making burgers with Benton’s bacon—and what’s not to love? A mix of best quality beef plus diced bacon, that renders its tasty fat while the burger sizzles over a charcoal fire, is sure to put a song in your heart (and fire in your belly).

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4. Turkey Burgers

Chill a bottle of rosé for these juicy, flavorful Turkey Burgers seasoned with Back Porch Burger Blend (think toasted onions and herbs).

For the juiciest burgers, you’ll want to use ground turkey thighs (not breast meat) for its higher fat content. Feel free to swap in your favorite sliced cheese (e.g. use Pepper Jack if you want a hit of heat). Between the buns, add slather of lemon mayo, provolone, and peppery arugula (and place on repeat every week). Thin slices of ripe tomatoes and shaved red onion would also make excellent additions. (Pssst: Leftover lemon mayo makes delicious egg or tuna salad.)

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5. Lamb Burgers

Whether you're pining for the Greek Isles or wanting to mix up your meat game, these feta-topped Lamb Burgers take you there. Crowd pleasers for sure. I love keeping them simple, topped with thinly sliced feta cheese, onions, and a final slather of sauce so the meat’s distinctive flavor shines. However, no one would complain if you added juicy slices of beefsteak tomatoes, lettuce, or whatever else puts a skip in your step. If you want to step up your condiment game, spike up the mayo with finely chopped rosemary, garlic, or lemon zest.

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6. Holy Garlic Burger

Don’t be afraid to serve this seductive Holy Garlic Burger on date night. Just saying.

A few easy steps elevate grilled beef patties from great, to Holy Garlic! First, the outside of the burgers are generously seasoned in Holy Garlic (think garlic salt, with a lot more depth and dazzle).

To echo that lusty flavor, whisk together a quick aioli, or garlic mayonnaise, spiked with lemon zest and black pepper. The rest of the burger can come together as you please, but you can’t go wrong with toasted buns, lettuce (or your favorite greens), and crisp, tangy pickles or pickled peppers.

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Keep sizzling. 

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