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Fastest Growing Seasonings Brand

Fastest Growing Seasonings Brand

TOOT TOOT! That’s the sound of us tooting our own horn! Since you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that our spice blends and barbecue sauces are pretty darn tasty--so tasty, in fact, that industry forecasters say we’re the fastest growing seasoning brand in the seasonings aisle*! (Shazam!) To be honest, and not too humble, while we’re pleased to learn that our thoughtfully crafted seasonings (have you tried The Usual?) are soaring, we weren’t surprised to read that people love them. Our customer feedback is blush-worthy: most everyone really loves our flavorful blends (Hello, Holy Garlic) and tangy barbecue sauces!

If you’re not familiar with our products (welcome to the first taste of the rest of your life), let’s get you up to speed. Fire & Smoke Society makes spices, rubs, seasonings, and sauces for all kinds grilling and cooking. All those seasonings, spices, sauces, and rubs (oh my!) were originally conceived by two friends /devoted grilling fanatics. Those grill geeks also happened to be co-owners of PK Grills (you know, the little grill company in Little Rock, AR that makes the cool grill with the 20-year warranty that Alton Brown loves to cook on), so naturally they wanted to focus on flavors that worked really well with, uh... and smoke.

Before long, they realized they were on to something good. To perfect their creations, they teamed up with a third partner in crime; a professional chef and cookbook author from Austin, TX. Committed to enhancing grilling endeavors big and small, this sturdy band of flavor enthusiasts became the origins of Fire & Smoke Society.

Just a few years later, Fire & Smoke Society has 14 of the fastest growing (did we mention that part?) line of seasoning blends on the market. We hope you’ll give them a try; the distinct and stylish cast of characters will enhance anything you like to cook!

You can buy most of our spices, seasonings, rubs, and sauces at You can also use our handy dandy store locator to see if a store near you stocks our products (if it doesn’t, feel free to pester a manager, why should you be denied?).

Thanks for stopping by, and for trusting us to make your food and grilling pursuits more flavorful and fun; it’s an honor to have a seat at your table.

*Our data sample excluded seasoning brands with $500k in monthly sales or less.

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