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Like all good stories, this one unfolds over a bed of glowing embers. Fire & Smoke Society begins with Scott & Brian, two fellas who own the best little grill company you probably never heard of (unless you’re a bit of an outdoor cooking geek, in which case you already know about the pride and joy of Little Rock). These guys settled into a groove of making damn good grills, but they felt there was something missing. They  wanted to add still more to the unique pleasure of backyard cooking, and bolster the fire, so to speak. Naturally this led them to barbecue sauce.

And so, they called their friend Paula, a writer and fellow grilling enthusiast, and asked her to help out with some wildly delicious recipes, which she did. The team produced the first batches of the stuff in their kitchens, over an olde-time pot-belly stove (that part is not true), and gave them away to people who liked them. One of those people was named Walmart. So, the ending of this story is actually the beginning, because as far as they’re concerned, they’ve just begun to make the entire grilling and smoking process—from starting a fire to cleaning out ashes--as fun and efficient as possible.