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Beef & Bacon Cheeseburgers with Thundering Longhorn

Beef & Bacon Cheeseburgers with Thundering Longhorn

Paula: When I make burgers, I always go for freshly ground meat. If you buy packed meat that resembles a hockey puck, chances are your burgers will have the same dense texture.

Scott: I’ve eaten a few McDensities with cheese over the years and I couldn’t agree more. Freshly ground meat is a must for a killer burger. I’m not afraid to mix in a bit of pork sausage with my ground meat if I’m really trying hard to impress. Why is that so tasty?

Paula: Why are all things pig so tasty? A question as old as time. Totally agree that a 50/50 mix of ground chuck with ground pork, chorizo, or even lamb results in a wildly delicious and juicy burger. Remember a few years ago, when a bunch of fancy chefs were making burgers with Benton’s bacon--and what’s not to love? A mix of best quality beef plus diced bacon, that renders its tasty fat while the burger sizzles over a charcoal fire, is sure to put a song in your heart (and fire in your belly).

Scott: I really dislike the modern proliferation of the initialism OMG, but sometimes it’s the tool that fits. OMG, ground pork is my love language.

Paula: Any interest in helping me bring back the “patty melt” of yore? Do you think “patty” is a funny word?

Scott: I’ve been meaning to tell you that everyone in the office calls you Patty.

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