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Brazilian Picanha Steak

Brazilian Picanha Steak

On a recent Friday, I found myself restless and in need of inspiration. Blame it on a full year of relative quarantine, or the recent ice storm that brought Austin to a screeching halt. Either way, I needed to break out of my daily orbit and see something, anything, new. So, I swung by Salt & Time, an upscale butcher shop, salumeria and restaurant that features fresh cut meat from sustainable Texas ranches (bonus: they were also selling fresh produce, and many of the grocery stores were wiped out after the storm).

Salt & Time features several “butcher’s” cuts that aren’t available at the supermarket, such as hangar steak and the top sirloin cap also known as picanha ("pee-KAHN-ya")—the skewered specialty of a churrascaria or Brazilian steakhouse. The most notable characteristic of the cut is a thick top layer of fat (it will add flavor during the cooking process, but never fully render out). I’d never prepared the cut at home, so, voila--I had my grilling adventure.


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