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Best Sellers Bundle

$34.99 $29.99

Hey good lookin' - no matter what you've got cookin' the Society has you covered with this bundle of our four best selling flavors. Whether its a Father's Day pork butt, chicken drummies for the family, beautifully seared steaks or just an extra kick for that potato salad, this 4-pack bundle of our most popular spice blends will make you the most popular person at your cookout, campout, church social, PTA meeting or weeknight family dinner.


Potato Slayer - Fire & Smoke Society potato seasoning

Potato Slayer

The Perfect Blend: Garlic, Onion, Smoked Paprika, Dill, and our Signature Blend of Herbs.

Potato Slayer is our vegetable flavor warrior. Whether it's sweet potato seasoning, potato soup seasoning or breakfast potato seasoning… Potato Slayer is the seasoning for tubers of every type and all things potato!

Shake this amazing potato seasoning over hot fries and tots or turn it into an everyday vegetable seasoning for roasted asparagus, grilled brussels sprouts, veggie bakes, and more!

What will you make tonight with Potato Slayer?

10 oz

Chica Licka Bam Bam - Fire & Smoke Society cajun seasoning

Chica Licka Bam Bam

The Perfect Blend: Black Pepper, Paprika, Cayenne, Garlic, Mustard, Thyme & Salt

Our take on a Cajun seasoning adds a slightly spicy Southern kickspice to whole birds, chicken thighs, legs and wings, smoked turkey, quail, guinea hen, and dove.

This tasty Louisiana Cajun seasoning is a near-perfect poultry seasoning, but that’s not all. Chica Licka adds a delicious spicy kick to roasted corn and potatoes!

What are you gonna shake Chica Licka Bam Bam on?

10.7 oz

Sweet Preacher - Fire & Smoke Society

Sweet Preacher

Tastes great on the whole dang hog. Also delicious as a garnish for potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, and in baked beans and casseroles.

The Perfect Blend: Brown Sugar, Red Spices & Herbs

11.9 oz

Thundering Longhorn - Fire & Smoke Society

Thundering Longhorn

Thundering Longhorn pumps up the flavor of all things beef - especially steak, brisket, burgers and fajita meat, as well as lamb chops and kebabs.

The Perfect Blend: Coarse Black Pepper, Cumin, Ancho Chile, Espresso, Oregano, Garlic & Salt

12.5 oz



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