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DIY McDonald’s McRib Sandwich with Pork Perfect

DIY McDonald’s McRib Sandwich with Pork Perfect

Paula: Hello Stranger. You’ve been spending a lot of time on the road these days. Clocking endless miles on your odometer while scanning the McRib Locator for sightings of your elusive object of desire. Your family misses you, and it’s increasingly difficult to explain your absence at work. So, share this recipe, a spot-on copycat version of McDonald’s McRib sandwich, as an intervention, of sorts. No joke! It’s easier than you think to master the infamous salty pork patties (lovingly shaped to resemble fake ribs) that are dunked in tangy barbecue sauce and served on a hoagie roll with pickles and onions. Imagine this feast in your own backyard!

Scott: I want to thank you for this, Paula. You resisted my cries, lo, the cries of America, to reverse-engineer this classic for so long that I was certain it would never happen. And now, this pork-perfect flavor gift arrives, floating on a split top hoagie. P.S. I’ll be doubling up on the sauce and the pickles.


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