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Smoky Pork & Beans with Pork Perfect

Smoky Pork & Beans with Pork Perfect

Scott: Pork and Beans is one of those dishes that takes you way back. My mother was fond of Van Camp’s brand Pork and Beans. She also kept plenty of Beanee Weanee on hand. I have to confess I felt a little weird typing that just now.

Paula: Meanwhile, I needed to Google Beanee Weanee to see if they’re still around (your nostalgic dreams can come true here.) A throwback combo for sure--canned pork and beans remind me of a Brady Bunch episode in which Bobby and Peter hid the mixture in a flashlight, as a meal for their lost Native American friend. Promise me you’ll never serve me food from the barrel of an emptied out metal flashlight.

Scott: I promise not to do that because that is precisely where I would keep my collection of tiny Jack Daniels bottles and a single package of waterproof matches.

Paula: You’re crafty like that. But we’ve seriously digressed--I promise the following spin on Pork and Beans will inspire their own reverie.

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