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Thundering Longhorn Dip with Bacon and Caramelized Onion

Thundering Longhorn Dip with Bacon and Caramelized Onion

Paula: I’m a fair weather sports fan (a couple broad questions about quarterback stats or draft picks would make this painfully clear). But on Sunday, I’ll do couch time with much of America because I love the commercials, the Puppy and Kitten bowl, and especially “game time” snacks. A televised competition (THE BIG GAME!) is a magnificent gateway to spicy wings, nachos for dinner, and rich, creamy dips awaiting crunchy snacks, right?

Scott: We are similar on this point. I am only here for fellowship and snacks and since I am usually the cook, I find myself in and out of the main action all day anyway. I need delicious finger foods to keep my blood sugar and energy levels up until the 4th quarter. Onion dip is definitely my go-to for the Big Game (is it true if you say “SuperBowl” out loud, a man in a suit will appear, steal your party snacks and leave a cease and desist letter in their place?)

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