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Easy Like Sunday Smoked Pork Shoulder

Easy Like Sunday Smoked Pork Shoulder

Paula: Hey speaking of smoked shoulder and Sunday Funday, this is my go-to method for producing tasty, falling apart tender results with minimal effort or ingredients. In other words, how to nail an ideal Sunday dinner while you enjoy the afternoon. First, season the shoulder with an aromatic blend of red spices (aka Pork Perfect), I like to do this at least 4 hours (or up to 12 hours) in advance. Then, smoke the meat while you pull weeds, drink a beer or two, pet the dogs, practice air guitar. Finally, during the last hour of cooking, baste the pork every now and then with a killer barbecue sauce (aka Sweet Preacher BBQ Sauce).

Scott: That’s a great way to conduct your Sunday operation - intermittent downtime is my number one go-to reason for doing long weekend cooks. The ability to appear busy at any moment [quickly stands and checks the grill by waving hands over it] but then recede easily back into relaxation mode is a definite perk of cooking outside. That and beer.

Paula: Precisely! “Monitoring” my PK360 (which is actually holding its temperature quite nicely, and only needs additional fuel every hour or so) is the office equivalent of carrying a manila folder. People think you’re BUSY! Did I reveal too much?

Scott: I would be remiss not to add how much I love the Commodores.


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