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3 Tips for Perfect Fried Chicken

3 Tips for Perfect Fried Chicken

If you can’t figure out why your skillet-fried chicken isn’t turning out how you imagined, our executive chef, Paula Disbrowe is here to help.

She put together her top 3 tips for getting juicy fried chicken with a perfect crunch.

  1. “For the best adhesion and flavor, I like to pile the dredged chicken on a plate to rest while the oil heats to allow the Chica Licka Bam Bam Crispy Coating to hydrate. Then, I give each piece a final dredge just before frying.”

  2. Fry the first side of the chicken a few minutes longer than the second. This ensures a sturdy, golden bottom crust that will hold up to the initial flip.”

  3. To avoid tearing the crust, use a light hand when flipping the chicken. Instead of using tongs, which can tear the coating, I use two vented fish spatulas. I place one underneath the chicken and use the other to support the top while gently flipping.” ➡️ (If you don’t have fish spatulas, any metal spatula will work just fine).

BONUS TIP: For the crispiest (not greasy) results, allow the fried chicken to rest on a metal cooling rack inserted into a rimmed baking sheet. If you’re not serving right away, place the baking sheet in a 250℉ oven.

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