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Berkshire Chops with The Usual

Berkshire Chops with The Usual

Like others among her generation, my mother was raised with a fear of undercooked pork. The culprit, of course, was trichinosis, the food-borne illness caused by undercooked meat. To avoid the risk, folks were encouraged to cook pork to a temperature that eliminated risk of illness--as well as any porky joy at the table.

Mercifully, trichinosis (and a generation of dry, chewy meat) is extremely rare these days, and we’re able to choose from different varieties of pork, including heavily marbled heritage breeds like Berkshire (known as Korabuta in Japan) that are less likely to dry out and offer a rich, deeply satisfying pork flavor. You still need to cook meat to a safe internal temperature, but with the tricks, you don’t have to sacrifice texture.

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