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Cheesy Artichoke & Collards Dip

Cheesy Artichoke & Collards Dip

Paula: Hey, what are you firing up for New Year’s Eve? I’m still hammering out the details, but two things are certain: we’ll gather around a crackling campfire and this hot, cheesy, artichoke and greens dip. Wait, the dip demands a third attendee: Triscuits. A sturdy cracker is the essential, underrated ingredient to any festive occasion.

Scott: Thanks for asking. To ring in the New Year, I am making preparations to capture the Guinness Book’s World Record for longest sigh of relief. I’ve been practicing my inhaling and exhaling all morning. While I can’t find a record on file for the longest sigh, in 2015, Suresh Gaur shouted the word “Goal!” in one continuous breath for 54.97 seconds, so I think that’s the time to beat. Plunging into this hot, cheesy dip will be an excellent recovery meal after my big win.


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