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Crispy Tacos Norteños

Crispy Tacos Norteños

There are many things to love about La Fogata restaurant in San Antonio. Let’s start with the lush, tropical outdoor patio that feels like an instant vacation. Add to that setting fishbowl-sized margaritas garnished with an orchid. An orchid! Throw in strolling mariachis and baskets of warm, crispy tortilla chips and you have a tiny oasis of perfection. However, the main reason I keep returning to La Fogata is Tacos Norteños–crispy corn tortillas packed with fajita steak, refried beans, and Oaxacan cheese. The dish reminds me how one simple step can elevate a dish from good–to OMG great. In this case, it’s deploying a hot griddle to crisp up the corn tortillas, melt the cheese, and meld the rich ingredients. La Fogata serves these tacos with Mexican rice and charro beans, but I prefer to serve them alongside a pile of crunchy cabbage, sliced avocados and lime.

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Aug 03, 2022

Sounds absolutely awesome 👌

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