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Mexi-Spiced Grill-Roasted Chicken

Mexi-Spiced Grill-Roasted Chicken

Paula: Skillet-grilling has become my go-to method for capturing the best of two worlds: the seductive aromas of cooking over fire, and delicious pan drippings created during oven roasting. Why forfeit those flavorful juices to the fire? This chicken is a perfect example, as the fat renders over the heat, the sultry red spices and sizzling herb sprigs infuse the drippings with awesome flavor.

Scott: Yes. I have a cast iron skillet that I love to use on the grill. The combination of live fire cooking and cast iron is so alluring and when it comes to chicken, the skin and tasty bits scraped from the bottom of the pan are almost the best part. Love those tasty bits...

Paula: Drizzling the chicken with a little olive oil helps you achieve that crispy, flavorful skin. If you want to add a bit more moisture to the skillet, pour in a splash of dry white wine for the last 15 minutes of cooking time. Once the chicken rests, you’ll want a slather of a spicy sauce and plenty of grilled bread to sop up every drop of goodness.

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