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Onion Butter Oklahoma Burgers

Onion Butter Oklahoma Burgers

Onions and burgers, a love story. That’s certainly one way to think about this recipe. Whether its sharp, crisp rings of fresh onions or a tangle of soft, sweet, caramelized slices, the varied flavors and textures of onions enhance any juicy burger. Oklahoma-Style Onion burgers raise the bar in this regard, by deploying an impressively generous amount of onions–about ½ onion per patty.

The fabled Onion Burger was born from the war time economy–when a resourceful restaurateur decided to make ground meat patties stretch further by bulking up on a more plentiful ingredient. The savory results have lasted the test of time, and hold their own amongst today’s more extravagant burger menus.

For the best results, slice the onions very thinly so they’ll achieve a melting texture on the griddle–I use a Japanese mandoline for this task. After you caramelize little haystacks of onions, you’ll smash a round of ground beef over the top, so the onions become part of the patty. Seasoning both sides of the patty with Onion Butter seasoning gives these burgers an awesome herby depth.

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