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Smoked Bloody Mary with Slayer Rim

Smoked Bloody Mary with Slayer Rim

My family lives in Minnesota, so I’m partial to “Up North” Bloody Marys, garnished with a small bounty of celery, smoked beef sticks, olives, and pickled vegetables. In fact, the glass is so loaded with snacks that I’m pretty sure you can technically call this elixir a salad or small meal. Using a smoking gun (I use this Breville model) is a fun way to infuse the liquid base with a smoky nuance–and a cool party trick. The tangy, herby notes of Potato Slayer seasoning make the perfect rim for this beloved brunch elixir. Go ahead and serve it Midwestern-style, with a short beer chaser.

Tags : Potato Slayer
categories : Recipes

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