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A Mess of Drumsticks

A Mess of Drumsticks

Paula: I used to eye massive packages of meat (we’re talking Costco quantities here) and wonder, “who buys that much?!?” Now, low and behold, it’s me. In the interest limiting trips to the grocery store and sweating under my mask, I’ve become a big fan of grilling off a week’s worth of some kind of “workhorse” protein, knowing we’ll use it to top salads, eat cold with noodles and/or make bahn mi sandwiches.

Scott: Remember that scene from the movie Rocky where Sylveseter Stallone is training for the fight of his life using enormous slabs of meat as punching bags? I wonder if you’ve ever been inspired to do a training montage during one of your Costco trips. It would make a great companion piece to this recipe.

Paula: I actually tried that once, but security was called with impressive speed. That minor incident didn’t keep me away from the chicken aisle. My current “big grill” go-to is a mess of drumsticks and thighs, because they’re so easy to fire off en mass, completely versatile, and everyone loves them. These crispy legs are especially irresistible when seasoned with garlic, rosemary, a hit of red chile and plenty of salt and pepper (aka The Usual).

Scott: Pull my finger (just kidding).

Paula: “Clean up in aisle five.” (Just kidding)

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