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Black & Blue Burgers

Black & Blue Burgers

Trust us, these burgers will have you singing the blues in the best possible way. Beef and blue cheese are a time-honored match, of course, but a couple key details send these burgers over the top. First, make your patty with a ground brisket blend (meaning a percentage of the meat made from ground brisket, rather than the more traditional chuck, round, or sirloin cuts). This ensures an incredibly juicy texture and rich, beefy flavor. Second, while any blue cheese will do here, a creamy–not crumbly–bleu like Cambozola (a cow’s milk cheese made in the style of a French, soft-ripened triple cream cheese) will give you the creamiest melt. A couple strips of bacon (lightly cooked so it’s crispy but still chewy) and a few rings of red onion crown what we consider a bucket list sandwich.

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