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Smoked Turkey Legs with The Usual

Smoked Turkey Legs with The Usual

Paula: Have you heard about the turkey industry woes? They’re taking a hit because people are hosting smaller holiday gatherings this year (and might not need a whole bird), and leg sales are down because Renaissance Faires have been cancelled. There are a lot of disgruntled Lords and Ladies out there.

Scott: You can count me among them! That reminds me, I was the turkey leg juggler at the Middlefaire Renaissance Festival in Hillsboro during high school. That’s where I got the nickname Smoked Turkey Legs Moody. Well, that and a special dance move I’m known for. I think I still have my muffin hat somewhere.

Paula: You’re an eternal fountain of surprises. How much beer would be required for you to revisit that “special” dance move (I’m asking for a friend). In the meantime, I’m doing my best to revive drumstick sales. My sword-wielding son has been requesting this meaty pleasure of yore, so I finally granted his wishes. The following combo of dry brine plus tangy mop sauce (they meld with sizzling fresh herb sprigs and pan juices to create a deeply flavorful basting liquid) results in meat so tasty and tender that I’ve been given permanent residency in the kingdom! And, now I have bones for turkey gumbo, so it’s a win win

Scott: That mop sauce is quite something. This recipe is sneaky because it seems so simple and unadorned, but I predict it’s going to be one of our more popular recipes, even beyond the Renaissance Faire crowd.

Paula: I’ll show you unadorned (throws tomato, runs away with a goblet of wine and wreath of flowers in hair).

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