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Southwest Sweet Potatoes

Southwest Sweet Potatoes

Paula: Confession: when I was a kid I hated sweet potatoes, because they were usually prepared with other sweet ingredients (brown sugar, marshmallows, etc.). The memory of those cloying, mostly mushy dishes still give me a vague sense of panic. Later in life, when I tasted sweet potatoes roasted with savory ingredients (olive oil, salt, herbs, warm spices), I fell in love.

Scott: I’m just gonna sit over here and be quiet because I happen to love brown sugar, butter and marshmallows on sweet potatoes - er, on everything. I mean, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that recipe was handed down from the Pilgrims.

Paula: There is no shame in your Southern sweet tooth, or bumper sticker that reads “I heart Yams.” My Midwestern relatives likely consider my proclivities a genetic flaw. This sweet potato treatment is right up my alley, especially because a grill is involved. These crispy wedges have the appeal of sweet potato fries, (bonus, they’re healthier!) and the warm, smoky spices and charred caramelized notes anchor the sweetness. I can imagine serving these as a main course (on a bed of greens, with a creamy yogurt or tahini-based dressing) or alongside burgers.

Scott: I do love a good, hearty yam and really can’t wait to try this. I’m getting together with my extended family this weekend and will need to satisfy a lot of people, young and old. This is definitely on the menu.

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