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Smothered Steak & Cajun Gravy

Smothered Steak & Cajun Gravy

Smothering meats in a savory gravy is a common cooking technique in Cajun country. Think of it as stove-top braising–the meat is deeply browned, and then gently simmered with aromatics and a bit of broth in a covered pan until the meat is fork tender and has created a rich, aromatic gravy. The method is perfect for inexpensive cuts of beef, like top sirloin, round steak, chuck steak, beef tips, top sirloin, cube steak, etc. Because this dish is all about the rich sauce, serve it Cajun-style, over steamed white rice that will soak up the savory juices, and a dash or two of hot sauce.

Tags : Cajun Steak
categories : Recipes

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