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Sheet Pan Pickle Chicken & Potatoes

Sheet Pan Pickle Chicken & Potatoes

If you love dill pickle potato chips (as much as we do), then this easy-to-assemble sheet pan dinner is destined to be your new weeknight go-to. The big, satisfying flavors come from three layers of flavor. First, a marinade of pickle juice and our Dilly-licious Salt-Free seasoning adds punchy flavor, sans salt. Then new potatoes, veggies, and a handful of green olives roast alongside the chicken to add fantastic color, as well as charred, buttery, and briny notes. A final garnish of crumbled feta, lemon juice, and fresh dill pulls the vibrant flavors together.

Note that you’ll get the best results if the chicken is marinated 2 hours in advance, and rests 30 minutes at room temperature before cooking, so plan accordingly.

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