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Your New Favorite Recipes


Smoked Cherry Burnt End Sliders

Believe it or not, it wasn't so long ago when burnt ends were an afterthought, or even considered scraps, that only a...


Smoked Beef Rib Sandwich

Like our at-home version of its famous cousin, this Beef Rib Sandwich is a meal for all seasons. We’re swapping oinks for moos and going...


Bacon-Wrapped Hot Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

With a crispy bacon exterior and juicy, perfectly seasoned chicken inside, these wings are the ultimate party food. The thick coat of...


Onion Butter Oklahoma Burgers

Onions and burgers, a love story. That’s certainly one way to think about this recipe. Whether its sharp, crisp rings of fresh...


Fully-Loaded Chili Cheese Dogs

Few foods capture the essence of summer–as in backyard cookouts, boisterous ballpark stadiums, potlucks and campouts–more than hot dogs fired over a...


The Ultimate Fried Mushroom Sandwich

We’re told mushrooms are magical, but did you know that they’re also the perfect fried chicken substitute? It’s true. Unique clusters of...

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