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Smoked & Shredded Chuck Roast Sliders

If you’re a sucker for smoky pulled pork and have a tender spot for pot roast, you gotta try smoked pulled beef!...


Greek-Style Souvlaki with Tangy Tzatziki Sauce

Give us a word, ANY WORD, and we’ll show you how the root of that word… is Greek. How about souvlaki? First...


Smoked Cream Cheese Dip with Sweet Preacher

We love easy recipes that blow our expectations. This is one of them. With just a bit of Southern spice, smoke and...

The Society

The Society

8 Burger Recipes to Sizzle Up Your Summer Cookout

We've just sailed past the summer solstice which means—BOOM—it’s peak summer and full-on burger season. Not that we need a reason, or...

The Society

7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Smoking Meat

You want to know what makes great barbecue? Terrible barbecue. Knowing your way around any smoker is a skillset earned through actively...

The Society

10 Essential Comfort Food Recipes You Need to Try ASAP

Whether it's a steaming bowl of soup, a hearty casserole, or a gooey bowl of mac and cheese, comfort food has a...