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Chalmette-Style Roast Beef Po' Boys

Chalmette-Style Roast Beef Po' Boys

Seeking out a proper po’ boy always tops my list on trips to Crescent City. Let’s be honest, sometimes they’re the reason to hit the road in the first place. For me, the sandwich has always meant fried shrimp or oysters, or both (aka The Peacemaker). For my F&S partner Scott Moody, who was raised in Chalmette, Louisiana, po’ boys mostly meant the roast beef variety from Rocky & Carlo’s Restaurant and Bar.

The Sicilian restaurant served them up with “slow-simmered roast beef, lots of gravy, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and French bread,” he recalled. His mouth-watering memory became my muse to create a drippy, crackly, crunchy masterpiece that will transport anyone to the back roads of Cajun Country. Here’s the result.


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